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The project Integration and Experience Expert - Companion to Successful Employment of Immigrants is being developed under the Nordplus Adult Programme. Project Number: NPAD-2023/10009. Participating countries: Finland, Lithuania and Sweden.

Become an Experience Expert

Unlock your potential with the IE Expert Course.

Experience experts possess knowledge, skills, and expertise in a specific field due to personal background and experiences. They may have spent years studying, working, or living in a foreign country while gaining valuable insights and understanding that they can share with others.

Experience experts often provide guidance, advice, and mentorship to others. They may work in various roles, such as consultants, educators, or coaches, offering their expertise to help others navigate challenges, solve problems, or achieve their goals.

As peer supporters, they also offer support, empathy, and understanding to others going through similar experiences or challenges based on shared lived experiences. Peer support can take place in various settings, including support groups, peer mentoring programs, or one-on-one interactions.

Experience experts may have personally faced and overcome similar difficulties, struggles, or hardships, giving them unique insights and perspectives that they can use to support and encourage others.

The online course provides the tools, knowledge, and support necessary to help you reach your goals as an educated experience expert with an integration background.

Through a combination of a self-paced online course, practical activities, and online coaching, the IE Expert course equips participants with the insights and strategies needed to help immigrants integrate successfully into their new communities.